Member Portal

Management Platform

Effortlessly expand and unite your community with a user-friendly membership software database that automates tasks and adapts seamlessly to the growth of school or university alumni, corporations, clubs or associations, NGOs, mosques, and churches.

Membership Portal
Integrated membership software that is trusted by schools, universities, NGO and more across the world.

Membership Software Use Case

Explore the boundless possibilities of our extraordinary platform. It can be used in any organization that has members and you need to manage and engage with them.

Alumni Portal


Help you maintaining strong relationships with alumni is essential for colleges and universities.
PIBG Portal


Bridging the gap that transforms Parent-Teacher associations into thriving communities
Club Software


Redefining club connections by managing memberships, organizing events, and keeping the zeal alive.

NGO Portal


Revolutionizing NGOs with cutting-edge software that promote unity, shared goals, and relentless pursuit of a common vision.

Discover Our Key Features.

Entire membership software features are under one roof and easy to use.

Member Portal Template

Deploy membership portal within minutes with few designs and layout. Duplicate sample site & no coding expert required. Fast yet premium portal designed for community.

Database Management

Simplify member application process, self-service information update, renewals & self-service platform with automate renewal reminders and invoices. Access member-only page.

Crowdfunding & Fund

Donation crowdfunding offers an avenue for communities to generate fund and use the power of people to achieve target using credit cards or FPX online transfer.

Events & Registration

Enabling communities organizing event easily with registration and payment. Build a sustainable membership with recurring subscriptions or one-time

Sell Product Online

You can sell Tickets, Digital Product & Souvenirs. Have your own store to sell anything and accept online payment. Great way to promote to member and gain revenue for your association.

Sell Courses Online

Effortlessly sell courses and lessons, unlocking a new revenue stream for your portal. Celebrate member achievements with certificates upon course completion

Email Marketing

Easily design, automate, and track communicate with your members by automating email subscription and newsletter to drive member engagement.

Member Profile & Directory

Facilitate Networking And Encourage A Vibrant Community Within Your Membership Site By Providing A Visually Appealing And Searchable Directory Of Your Members.

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